Editorial Process & Selection Criteria

Mission statement: Nevada Monthly focuses its publication on stories of interest, accurately reported across the world that matter to humanity.

Four Stages of our Editorial Process

1. Initial Submission Guidelines

2. Editorial Review

There are two layers of Editorial Review at Nevada Monthly:

1. Compliance Рour fundamental publication requirements  include restrictions on content consistent with our ethical responsibilities and modern trends in popular media. Our editorial viewpoint is to publish content that enriches society by providing helpful information that our readership values or finds meaningful. We do not publish hate speech, pornographic content, content promoting illicit drugs, nor do we promote hate about businesses, cultures, products or individuals.

2. Relevance – our secondary editorial review pillar is that the topic of the submission is relevant or of interest to our readership.

3. Preliminary approval

4. Final approval

Last Updated: December 1, 2023

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